ETS: Canvas Project Team Meeting

 Canvas Project Meeting Minutes
August 12, 2015 10:00-11:00 a.m.

Attendees:  Chien Shih, Judy Baker, Mahmood Hasan,  Matt Rapczynski, Deepa Prasad, Linda Koyama
  1. The portlet is being tested by Deepa; it is in production although it is hidden.  It is ready for user acceptance testing.  It is difficult to impersonate faculty so we are asking Judy to contact the instructors to see if they are available to come to the ETS building for testing.  ETS will work around their availability; preferably before August 28th, Monday-Thursday.  They are not obligated to help since they aren't on contract at this time.

  2. The updated design of the distance learning my online classes channel was shared.  Each bullet point has a rule associated with it in Banner to determine whether or not it is displayed.  There is a table of Canvas classes and a table Etudes courses in Banner, along with term and CRN.  

  3. Judy has control of who receives the CANV attribute and can see the channel in MyPortal.  Up to 300 instructors  in the next two years will become CANVAS certified.  Matt will work on a bulk import, target to be ready at the same time as grades.  Judy will provide an exported CSV file from a one column Excel file CWIDs of those employees who are currently using Canvas to Matt.

  4. For fall only, Canvas Helpdesk link will be visible for Canvas only.  Can be changed in the future.

  5. One can bookmark the Canvas url and can bypass MyPortal.

  6. Only the pilot test group can see the portlet.  Judy will send CWIDs of the faculty who are a part of the pilot to Deepa and Matt.

  7. Judy will ask Canvas if it is possible to prevent instructors from deleting courses.

  8. There was much discussion whether to use PROD and MyPortal or PRODN and MyPortaltest for testing.  Matt would prefer to use PROD for real time registration activity. It was decided to use PROD and MyPortal for testing and Matt will be responsible for cleaning out the data if anything goes wrong in testing with the help of Judy and FH A & R.  It was agreed that it would not be possible to simulate all the different scenarios in PROD (i.e. dropping sections, changing instructors, dropping students accidentally). After moving past the pilot, we need to do functional testing by scripting a whole quarter's worth of traffic in a test instance.

  9. Matt has created a Canvas dashboard using Splunk to monitor total current enrollment activity.   

  10. Matt needs an inventory of the people who need access to Canvas and who are need of system admin. privileges (first and last name, e-mail, and admin or not) in order to turn on SSO.  Once this is done, Judy needs to reenroll them in their courses.

  11. Chien cautioned not to give too many admin accounts out for security reasons.

  12. Judy's admin. assistant will simulate enrolling in a Canvas class.

  13. The conference room is reserved every Wednesday at 10 a.m. until we go live; available for testing.