ETS: Canvas Project Team Meeting

Foothill Pilot for Canvas Meeting Minutes
June 17, 2015 10-11 a.m.

Attendees:  Judy Baker, Chien Shih,  Mahmood Hasan, Matt Rapczynski, Deepa Prasad, Linda Koyama
  1. Currently involving only 3 instructors; Judy will make sure that the instructors sent explicit welcome e-mails explaining that the students need to use Canvas.  
  2. The current channel will be replaced by a new channel by Matt where the necessary links will appear, depending on what courses the student is enrolled in (Etudes or Canvas).
  3. Testing needs to be scheduled.  Real student info will be used, possibly 25 to 50 students on our test instance.
  4. The plan is to do a fully automated integration for fall (no extracts, no csv files, will be sent in real time and only the six sections).
  5. Currently a course migration tool is being created this summer.
  6. Fall quarter will be the time to work out all the kinks and details and will provide a platform for the three instructors to share their experience.  Chien suggests to convert faculty in stages, using the most enthusiastic faculty on board first.
  7. We reviewed  the team members.  Chien will eventually delegate his role to Hasan.  Linda will be added.  John Sills and Jason Peacock will be contacts mainly for Judy and Chien.  Matt has an account with the Instructure help desk who are very responsive.  Jerrick might add someone from BCG later in the project.
  8. When the OEI reciprocity agreements are finalized, students from other colleges will be able to enroll in our Canvas courses.  Starting in winter quarter, those three courses will be available for 12 colleges.  Fred Sherman is working out the details with the state chancellor's office. 
  9. We will meet twice in July, on Wednesdays at 10 a.m. for an hour to check the project status.  From August, the meetings will be weekly.  Linda will send the invites.
  10. Judy has added the team members with the Base Camp group.  The Base Camp leaders will be checking in with Judy and Chien on a weekly basis to make sure we are on task.
  11. Timeline:  Access for students to LMS happens the Thursday before the quarter starts.  The faculty need access now.  Judy has given the three instructors access to the Canvas site.  She has already migrated their three courses.  There are two sections per course, and they might add sections at the last minute.  The instructors will continue to work in their sandbox and ETS will work on Banner provisioned  courses that they can move into.
  12. Courses need to be linked to an SIS ID.  Judy is working in the production Canvas site.  Matt will test single sign on on the test environment, which will be the MyPortal campus id.  
  13. We will have single sign on and provide a channel on the faculty tab for the faculty to log in directly to Canvas.  Matt will have it ready by August 3rd.  Judy will create folders with the sandbox  and folders for the real classes.   
  14. Matt will create a way for instructors to request a Canvas site by August 3rd.  Matt would like the instructors to request the courses.  This should work for any faculty that has completed Canvas training.
  15. We will not use the Canvas gateway log in at all.
  16. Week of August 3rd will be reserved for internal testing; Deepa will work with Judy.  Matt would like them to do the request from August 3rd (contractually not required to work that week, Judy may need to do the request).
  17. Banner integration includes rosters, courses, teachers, sections, students, and grades (Matt can provide a CSV, Jerrick can write the ingestion program).
  18. Grades submission will be available by November for these six sections only.  The plan is to download the final grade once.
  19. A third of the enrollment is using Etudes, on premise as well as distant learning.
  20. Judy is on vacation the week of July 27th.
  21. Matt needs data to flow.  Judy will provide the three instructor's ids to Matt. 
  22. Objectives
    1. Enrolled students and faculty will be able to use single sign-on for access to their Canvas accounts via MyPortal
    2.  Faculty will be able to submit grades direct to Banner from Canvas
    3. Foothill Online Learning staff will be able to set permissions in INB > SIAINST > Employee > Profile for faculty to be able to request Canvas course sites via MyPortal (similar to process used for Etudes)
    4.  Faculty will be able to request Canvas course sites each quarter via MyPortal (similar to process used for Etudes "Configure ETUDES Preferences - Change active term, download test extracts, and turn the master on or off")
    5. In the course catalog in Banner, will we need a direct link into Canvas? It's not the course but the sections that would be linked to Canvas.  Will revisit later.
  23. Terms will be manually controlled and entered in Canvas by Judy (SIS ID needed).  Teachers request courses.  You can have a course with students and teachers or a course with sections and students (equivalent to a group site).  
  24. Group sites may include cross listings, taught by the same teacher and same course but different sections and under different departments (different CRN, different rosters).  Needs further investigation by Matt.
  25. Critical success factors:
    1. Coordinate between Foothill College, ETS and OEI.  Commitment to attend and provide feedback.
    2. Commitment of the users to test sufficiently.  Judy is dedicating the month of August to this project.
    3. Canvas will be open to students  from Thursday, 9/17/15 prior to the start of fall quarter.
    4. By August 31st, the roster interface from Banner will be in place.
    5. The info message needs to be updated that goes out to the student when they register for one of these course sections by A & R.  Judy will touch base with Nazy. 
    6. Grade submission must be ready by November, 2015.
  26. Sept 1st-4th, pilot testing.
  27. Sept. 7th-11th, 2nd week, we will correct any problems.
  28. Sept. 17th-21st, 3rd week, final testing.
  29. Faculty has already been trained.
  30. Aug. 3rd will start internal testing.
  31. Aug. 10th released to faculty.  They should know how to copy a site into the shell.