ETS: October 24, 2006 Hardware & Software Minutes
ETAC Committee

October 24, 2006 Hardware & Software Minutes

October 24, 2006 Hardware/Software Standards Meeting:


Willie Pritchard, Fred Sherman, Drake Lewis, Mario Ramos, Marty Kahn, Bill M., Sharon Luciw, Stan Judkins, Terry Row, Max Gilleland, Kristianna Ledesma, John Vandercook, Dan MItchell



iTunesu and Quicktime/Real Audio/Windows Media Player compatibility issues - Marty Kahn will work with Tech Services regarding default settings for the image.

Microsoft is no longer providing Windows Media Player for the Mac.Marty Kahn is researching Apple will supply a plug in for Quicktime for Windows Media Player - Marty still researching.

We confirmed Quicktime and iTunes are now a part of the standard image.

Real player on PCs has had a history of phone home and other security issues, however, it appears most the security holes have been removed.

Copyright issues:Defaults on iTunes - shares your files - need to work on how to set up this as a default to not share on the image and Marty will train the users.Marty said the sharing does not allow to download but does allow to play them which probably is a copyright issue.Marty said he is going to work with the Faculty on this issue.No reason to share De Anza content because they should be going to iTunesU.It is a bandwidth issue as well because it acts as a radio station and could create issues with the District network.When install iTunesU - can set default to sharing off.But users are turning it on.Has a max of 5 connections built in.Dan Mitchell shares for his classes but is password protected.

iTunesU - copyright rules - has to be created by the faculty or have permission to use.Fair use does not apply - since can't limit how it can be shared once its downloaded.When digital is in the process - then the issues changes, there is an inherit intent to share.Digital copyright act different from Fair Use.But it appears there is a debate among the staff and faculty at De Anza and further discussion will take place.

Action: Maybe its a Newsbytes Article. The intention of installing iTunes is not for users to share their music.It will be a misuse of the Computer and Network District Policy and acopyright violation.

Updates of the Apple Desktop and Apple Laptops standards:

iMac: Desktop with 17" monitor chosen.

MacBook Pro 15" chosen.

Sharon to updated standards spreadsheet and have it posted to the web site.