ETS: August 8, 2006 Hardware & Software Minutes
ETAC Committee

August 8, 2006 Hardware & Software Minutes

Standards Committee Notes

August 8, 2006

Present: Terry, Bill, Wayne, Sharon, tom, Max, Stan

Absent: Sue, John, Dan, Drake

Two new members have joined the committee: Max Gilleland, Instructional Lab Coordinator in Business and Computer Systems at De Anza and Sue Gatlin, Vice President of Technology and Instruction at Foothill. Unfortunately Sue could not attend today's meeting but she plans to be at future meetings.

Ergonomics:Mary Kay Englen came to the meeting to explain some of the ergonomic issues related to technology use.She expressed concern especially about laptops and their increasing use in the district and recommended that laptops should come with an external keyboard and mouse.Stan reported that a number of people are now getting laptops that are in addition to their desktop and, as a result, are using their current keyboard and monitor, which does alleviate, to a certain degree, the ergonomic issue.It was recommended that if a laptop is going to be the only (or primary) workstation then they should also get a keyboard, mouse, and monitor.Mary Kay displayed a copy stand that could be used with laptops, but it was very expensive (about 0 each). Wayne requested data on how much a worker's comp claim costs to help justify any decision to go to a recommendation or a mandate.Mary Kay said she could get that info for the committee. Mary Kay will come back to the next meeting with more data. The committee will consider setting a recommendation or mandate at the next meeting.

Apple announcements and their impact on our Macintosh standards: At first glance the assumption was that there were no new announcements from Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) that directly impacted our current standards.However, Stan pointed out that the Power Mac was announced (with two Xeon dual-core processors) at a price point that may have made it attractive as a standard. He recommended that we put a hold on the purchase of any new G5 workstations. Tom reported that he hasn't gotten any requisitions for G5 workstations lately. He will notify Sharon if any should come across this desk.

Report on accessibility issues related to Windows on an Intel Mac:Wayne reported that he tested Jaws, Dragon, Kurzweil, and Naturally Speaking on Boot Camp. All installed under Windows and worked okay, except for Dragon (but that was because the disk partition was too small). Stan tried the same applications on Parallels, and had problems with Dragon. Wayne felt that accessibility software worked surprisingly well under Boot Camp, although because Boot Camp is beta he didn't feel comfortable recommending it while it was still in beta.At their conference Apple announced that the new version of the operating system (OS X 10.5, or Leopard) would not be available until spring of 2007.

Aero video standard on Windows:<span style='font-weight:normal'>A faculty member asked Terry about the fact that the current PC standard will not support Aero, which Vista (the next version of Windows will support).Terry got two cards from Dell and tested them. Both cards worked under the test version of Vista. Dell does offer the ATI X600 for 4 but the ATI1600 is not offered as a choice. Stan reported that Dell will be coming out with a new model soon and recommended that we put this on hold until the new model comes out.Terry reported that he thought the Aero compatibility was nonessential, but provided some video enhancement and questioned whether we wanted to pay the extra money for that as a part of our standard.Some areas may need it in the future, but it probably will not be necessary for all areas.Discussion ensued. It was recommended that anyone who wants to get Aero should ask the campus Tech Services Supervisor for approval.The Committee agreed. It will be discussed again at the next meeting.

Discussion about having another standard for less expensive equipment for labs:A number of managers are trying to stretch their dollars and want to buy less expensive equipment for their labs.The committee needs to consider other options for those situations.This will be considered and discussed more in future meetings.

For the next month it was suggested that we review the PDA standard and discuss our support standards due to problems in synching with Meeting Maker.

Sharon will take over chairing this meeting in the future as Willie transitions to a new role in the District.