ETS: May 4, 2004 Hardware & Software Minutes
ETAC Committee

May 4, 2004 Hardware & Software Minutes

Meeting notes 5/4/04

Present:Ryan Anthony (guest), Dan Mitchell, Jose Rueda, John Vandercook, Sharon Luciw, Stan Judkins, Willie Pritchard, Drake Lewis, Wayne Chenoweth

Absent:Penny Patz, Allison Lenkeit, Tom Lindstrom

Ryan Anthony attended the meeting to suggest that we change our browser standards on Windows. Currently IE is vulnerable to all kinds of attacks due to the built-in capability for ActiveX. Ryan suggested that there were a number of open source browsers that would better protect the district and users against unwanted intrusions or security problems. He also gave a demonstration of Mozilla's Firefox browser including data about its growth in use on the Internet.It was suggested that more testing be done with that browser and that the committee revisit the issue at our next meeting in June.

Wayne Chenoweth brought up an issue about how to secure the Dell flat panelsince it doesn't have any obvious locations for connecting cables and locks. Discussion followed and John Vandercook indicated that the district has a good working relationship with a security company that supplies appropriate cable and locking mechanisms for any hardware we want to be secured.

Stan brought up the issue of updating softwareand setting the end user computer to automatically check for system updates. The challenge is that many computers are not being updated and therefore are more vulnerable to security issues and virus attacks. Discussion followed about a couple of different push technologies that would allow technicians to push the updates to individual computers when they are on.There is one product in particular that Tech Services is testing that does not require any additional software be installed on end user machines.So far the testing has been positive.