ETS: March 2, 2004 Hardware & Software Minutes
ETAC Committee

March 2, 2004 Hardware & Software Minutes

Summary of Standards committee meeting - March 2 2004

Attendees:Allison Lenkeit, Drake Lewis, Willie Pritchard, Dan Mitchell, Sharon Luciw, Wayne Chenoweth, John Vandercook, Penny Patz

Absent:Jose Rueda, Tom Lindstrom

The committee reviewed the current standards and decided to make no changes.

Report on findings about upgrading to Windows XP: Wayne reported that he found that some programs need to be upgraded -- but that those that are certified by MS as more secure -- there is a definite advantage to using certified software as much as possible. Of our standards, Office, SAM, and Meeting Maker are all certified (the current versions of software will work as a restricted user).There was no recommendation made about whether to upgrade yet.

Multimedia console discussion:It was suggested that there should there be a USB hub or firewire connection provided for other devices (flash drives, etc.). Penny reported that Foothill has been developing standards related to their Measure E initiatives.Discussion then moved to issues around faculty or students bringing laptops and connecting to the console and network. It was generally agreed that the multimedia console standard should allow for easy connection by laptops to other devices in the console. Penny thought that 90% of the issues were covered through the FH planning.

Dan brought up issue of how equipment is laid out in the classroom. He expressed frustration with how previous consoles have been placed and how big they were. Discussion continued about environmental issues.It was suggested that a "multimedia" classroom have very specific minimum requirements in order to be classified as "multimedia." (If it doesn't have that minimum then it shouldn't be called "multimedia.")

Concern was expressed about the difference between a digital "visualizer" and a "document camera" (captures digital images). Discussion centered on problems with the different kinds of classroom cameras. It was suggested that what is used may vary by discipline and use, as long as the wiring is in place for either.

A question was raised: Should we agree on a standard that allows for flexibility in models but keeps standards on disposables (e.g. light bulbs, toners, etc.)? It was suggested that we consider using Ed's "cafeteria" format for choosing equipment standards and that we try as much as possible to keep the disposables standardized.

The committee also agreed to the following provisions for laptop access:

Extra powerUSB & Firewire outletsAdditional network connection

John suggested that we change standard network laser printer from the HP 4200 to HP 4300 since that model is no longer available.