ETS: January 7, 2004 Hardware & Software Minutes
ETAC Committee

January 7, 2004 Hardware & Software Minutes

Summary of Standards committee meeting - January 7, 2004

Attendees:Wayne Chenoweth, Stan Judkins, Allison Lenkeit, Drake Lewis, Tom Lindstrom, Willie Pritchard (via telephone), Jose Rueda, John Vandercook

There were four items on the agenda:

  1. Review of peripheral standards
  2. Should the standards committee set the multimedia classroom standards?
  3. Plan for implementing XP in the district
  4. Impact of MacWorld announcements on Macintosh standards

Initially discussion centered on the Macintosh standards<span style='font-weight:normal'>. It was decided that there were no announcements at MacWorld that created a need for reviewing or changing the standards.

The committee then talked about peripheral standards<span style='font-weight:normal'>. John Vandercook provided information indicating that the current standards for ink jet printers and scanners were no longer being offered. He suggested that we change the ink jet printer standard from the HP DeskJet 5550 to the HP DeskJet 5650. After discussion about cost and cartridges it was decided that John would investigate to see if both printers used the same cartridges and if so, then the 5650 would be our new standard. Similarly, the current scanner standard is no longer available so the recommendation was to shift from the HP 3570 to the new model, HP 3970. Prices on both products do not change. The committee approved both recommendations.

Discussion then shifted to whether the committee should be the entity for setting standards formultimedia consolesthroughout the district.Some concern was expressed that a problem often occurs for budgeters when they donÕt have enough funds to pay for a standard multimedia console so they compromise and go with something lower in cost and capability that is not standard. This causes support problems that make it difficult to keep such consoles operational. It was then mentioned that this was the same problem we had before we went to desktop standards, but that over time people came to accept and support those standards and that the same process will likely occur here. After more discussion the group did decide that there needed to be standards and that they were the group that should determine those standards.

Discussion then moved to what should be in the standards for consoles. It was suggested that the group come up with a minimum standard of what devices should be in all consoles. The following items were considered to be minimum needs for all consoles: secure mounted video projector, computer, amplifier and speakers for audio, a network connection to the computer, a combo VCR/DVD player, and a control system for all these devices (which implies that each system must have the electronics to be driven by an external controller). In addition, it was felt that there should also be the capability for faculty to bring their laptops in and connect them easily to the console. For that reason there should also be external connectors for the network, audio, video, and electricity. Other devices that may come at additional cost would be slide and film projectors. There was not agreement on whether a document camera should be part of the minimum standards so it was suggested that we do further research on faculty use of such a device.

The conversation then moved to a discussion about when we would move to implementing Windows XP as a standard<span style='font-weight:normal'> supported by ETS. Several problem areas about XP were brought up, as well as the reasons for supporting a move to XP.It was decided that a subcommittee of the standards committee should be formed to do some research between now and the next meeting and report back on their findings. The following individuals volunteered to work on doing that:Jose Rueda, John Vandercook, Stan Judkins, and Wayne Chenoweth.