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Office 365


Adobe Creative Suite


Liquid Office (staff time card)


Zoom Videoconferencing


NEW: Newly deployed PC's will have Windows 10 as their operating system. Click here for Windows 10 training.


NEW:  Changes to is now housed under the CCC Vision Resource Center (formerly, the Professional Learning Network [PLN]). Here are instructions on how to find it! Chrome is the recommended web browser.

1. Go to the Vision Resource Center:
2. Either log in to your account (formerly your Professional Learning Network (PLN) account) or create a new one.
3. When you get to the Vision Resource Center homepage, hover over Learn in the blue toolbar and select Learner Home from the pull-down menu.
4. To immediately search for a topic, click in the Search box, enter your topic or title, and press Return.
To find all topics/titles: click in the Search box to place your cursor, leaving it blank, then press Enter/Return. In the Filters list on the left of the screen, click on Providers, then select

**Zoom User Guide**

If you have any questions regarding signing up for through the Professional Learning Network, please contact