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A Few More Details on the VoIP Telephone Deployment:

Following the De Anza campus administrator, staff, faculty and classroom phone deployment, the deployment team will migrate the blue light, elevator and other service level phone lines to the new system throughout the District.

There is a Self-Care Portal we will announce in March and soon to follow Instant Messaging & Presence Jabber app for Desk Phone users and a Fax Server.  This same Jabber app is used by Software-based phone users, with the phone feature enabled.

Your VoIP telephone is now sharing the network cable with your computer. Click here for important details.

DO NOT Forward new CISCO phones to the old Fujitsu Voicemail system: x7999 or x8999:

ETS has been notified some users are forwarding their new CISCO telephones to the old Fujitsu voice mail system extensions 7999 and 8999.  This may result in 'dead air' or the call being dropped.  Please DO NOT forward your CISCO phones to 7999 or 8999.  If you do not want your phone to ring, please place it on Do Not Disturb (DND).  To activate DND, press the button below the two dots at the lower left of the telephone LCD screen for the DND activation button.

If you want to redirect callers to the directory to leave a voice mail for someone else, please instead forward to the campus main numbers as follows:
Foothill:  x7777
De Anza: x5678
Sunnyvale Center: x8000

If there is another purpose for forwarding to 7999 or 8999 please contact ETS for assistance:
ETS Call Center:  408-864-8324/  using a browser submit an ETS Request for Help:; login using your  MyPortal credentials.


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