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ETAC Committee


ETAC Mission Statement

The Foothill-De Anza Educational Technology Advisory Committee (ETAC) has primary responsibility for developing an overall strategic plan for technology in the district and maintaining an ongoing implementation effort aimed at achieving the goals of this plan. ETAC is a participatory governance committee at the district level designed to be as inclusive as possible of all constituency groups (administration, faculty, staff, and students) from both college campuses and central services.


* Advises
* Informs
* Makes specific recommendations to the Chancellor's Advisory Council on the use of technology throughout the district with regard to both ongoing activities and future direction.
* Through the appropriate ETS managers and its own subcommittees, ETAC will keep informed about the current activities and future plans in each of the technology areas: Infrastructure, Information Systems, and Client Services.
* In its ongoing effort to have a comprehensive overview of the entire technological effort in the district, the Committee will monitor the operations, special projects, and overall budget of the Educational Technology Service (ETS) staff.
* In addition to this oversight of technological operations, budget, and planning, ETAC will assess policy on matters such as intellectual property rights, appropriate use of technology, and standards.

ETAC Committee - home page --- mission and general info.



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