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Course Studio


What is Course Studio?
Course Studio is an easy-to-use system that enables faculty to:

  • Create course home pages.
  • Share documents and photos with students.
  • Post course syllabuses.
  • Manage threaded discussions.
  • Chat with students in real time.
  • Publish links to resources.
  • Post class news and announcements.

Course Studio is accessible to students and faculty via MyPortal.

Why Should You Use It?
Use Course Studio if you want:

  • A useful and simple way to share information and facilitate collaboration among students enrolled in your classes.
  • Online communication tools that you can use with little or no training.

Course Studio lacks advanced course management features, such as a class gradebook, assessment tools, assignment drop boxes and e-mail. If you need a full course management system, use Etudes (Foothill) or Catalyst (De Anza).

See Foothill Online Instructional Tools or De Anza Online Instructional Tools for a matrix that compares Course Studio features with other online applications that enhance instruction.

Helpful Information
Group Studio and Course Studio are very similar and are fairly intuitive to use. Available support documentation includes:

Course Studio Bug FIXED!
The bug that prevented students with a registration status of "RA" from being included in the Course Studio membership for a class has been fixed. All registered students should be listed in the Course Studio membership for any class using the application.



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